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Leading Lung and Sleep Specialists, Melbourne and Gippsland

Our team of committed and caring lung and sleep specialists are focused on improving the lives of every person who enters our clinic.

You can expect high-quality health services and outstanding personal care. Request a referral from your GP and book an appointment with a professional and experienced lung and sleep specialist today.

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Our Melbourne-based lung and sleep specialists aim to improve your breathing and help you get better quality sleep.

Our Lung & Sleep Clinics

We operate from Melbourne metro and Gippsland

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Lung & Sleep Specialists, Melbourne & Gippsland

Get the help you need to address your breathing and sleep concerns. Our physicians are some of the best lung and sleep specialists in Melbourne.

Dr Barton Jennings

Lung and Sleep Physician
Interventional Pulmonologist

Dr Tim Cheung

Lung and Sleep Physician

Dr Shaun Yo

Lung and Sleep Physician
Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist


Specialist Consultation

Book an appointment to discuss your respiratory or sleep concerns

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can help restore healthier lung function

Bronchoscopy & EBUS

We perform advanced bronchoscopy under a general anaesthetic

Lung Cancer Services Melbourne
Lung Cancer Services

Our team is experienced in the diagnoses, treatment and management of lung cancer

Lung Function Testing

Gain an understanding of how your lungs are currently functioning

Sleep Studies Melbourne
Sleep Studies

Let us diagnose what’s causing your sleeping troubles and work with you towards better sleep health

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Insights, updates and the latest news on improving your lung and sleep health.

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We work with experts across our industry so we can be one of the best lung and sleep clinics in Victoria.