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Visit a Lung & Sleep Clinic or Book a Telehealth Appointment

The main base for Lung and Sleep is at Melbourne’s Bentleigh Specialist Centre on Patterson Road in Bentleigh. We also offer consultations in Sandringham at Bayside Specialist Suites and in Hawthorn East at Cabrini Specialist Centre. 

We consult at Maryvale Private Hospital in Morwell and at the Victorian Heart and Lung Clinic in Wonthaggi. We also have dedicated telehealth clinics located in Traralgon and Wonthaggi for consultation by video conference. Telehealth consultation by video conference is also available to patients by Zoom in their home. This is available for patients who live in the country or in Melbourne.

Telehealth allows you to consult with us without the need to travel, meaning we may be able to help you wherever you are in Australia. 

Our services also include a rapid assessment lung clinic, to allow patients to quickly follow up on abnormal test results which require urgent management.