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Specialist Consultation

Lung and Sleep Specialist Consultation

Your journey with Lung and Sleep will usually begin by consulting with one of our specialists. In-person consultations occur in one of our locations in Melbourne or Gippsland. Consultation may also occur over a video-conference which is called telehealth. This may either be conducted from your home or office or at one of our dedicated telehealth clinics in Gippsland. We are always happy for and encourage a family member or friend to be present during your consultation.

We also provide in patient care to patients admitted into Cabrini Malvern and Jessie McPherson Private Hospitals. 

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to tell us all about your health and the troubles you may be having. We will ask you lots of questions to ensure we fully understand you current situation and any concerns you have. We will review your test results and look at any X-rays, CT scans or sleep studies you may have had so that we can explain the results to you. 

An assessment of your health and any issues that require further attention will be formulated. A plan for action will be made in conjunction with you. This may require further tests such as bronchoscopy or sleep studies depending on the problem. Alternatively, treatments can be discussed. 

Our role is to empower and educate you about your health issues and provide treatment options so that you may make an informed decision on the path back to health that you would like to take. Sometimes these decisions are complex and difficult so we are here to help every step on the way.

A referral from your GP or specialist is required prior to your initial consultation.