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Specialist Lung and Sleep Services

Lung and Sleep is a specialist medical clinic that manages all lung, respiratory and sleep disorders. 

Our team are experts in investigating symptoms related to the lungs and sleep including cough, shortness of breath, wheeze, chest pain, snoring and sleepiness. 

Visit us to meet with specialist doctors and physiotherapists who can help you achieve healthier lungs and a better night’s sleep.

We provide the following specialist lung and sleep services.

Specialist Consultation

Book an appointment to discuss your respiratory or sleep concerns

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can help restore healthier lung function

Bronchoscopy & EBUS

We perform advanced bronchoscopy under a general anaesthetic

Lung Cancer Services

Our team is experienced in the diagnoses, treatment and management of lung cancer

Lung Function Testing

Gain an understanding of how your lungs are currently functioning

Sleep Studies

Let us diagnose what’s causing your sleeping troubles and work with you towards better sleep health