Rapid Assessment Lung Clinics

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Rapid Assessment Lung Clinics


The possibility of lung cancer is very anxiety-provoking. Rapid assessment, investigation and treatment of any lung lesion is necessary.

At Lung and Sleep, we are able to provide this efficiently with compassion and good communication to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment outcomes consistent with the Department of Health Optimal Care Pathway.

Our lung specialists work closely with expert Thoracic Surgeons, Medical and Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists and Pathologists. We have access to all the most advanced investigation modalities and treatment options.

We participate in the lung cancer multidisciplinary team at Monash, Cabrini and Epworth Hospitals. This allows our lung specialists to discuss your case with multiple specialists to obtain rapid access to the best treatment.

This clinic is for:

  • Patients with coughing of blood (haemoptysis)
  • Patients with abnormalities on CT chest
  • Lung mass or nodule > 10mm
  • Non-resolving consolidation or pneumonia
  • Ground glass nodules or infiltrates
  • Mediastinal or hilar lymphadenopathy