Lung Function Testing

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Lung Function Testing

Lung Function Testing Melbourne

A lung function test is vital in the respiratory assessment of patients. It tells us how well the lungs are working. It can also help diagnose what the problem is with the lungs and breathing. A lung function test involves blowing as hard as you can into a machine and holding your breath a few times. It can be a bit tiring but is not painful.

Who needs a lung function test:
  1. All patients with a known lung disease such as:
        a) Asthma
        b) COPD
        c) Emphysema
        d) Bronchiectasis
        e) Pulmonary fibrosis
  2. Patients who experience symptoms such as:
        a) Shortness of breath
        b) Cough
  3. Patient who may need surgery to ensure their lung function is adequate prior to the operation

Lung function tests are performed at:

  • Bentleigh Specialist Centre
  • Maryvale Private Hospital
  • Warragul Specialist Centre
  • Bass Coast Medical Specialists