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Telehealth Clinics Duplicate

Telehealth clinics provide patients with an alternative to face-to-face consultations with Lung and Sleep specialists and physiotherapists.

Telehealth is where the consultation occurs via a video-conference.

This allows you to consult with us without the need to travel. Our staff are trained to assist patients with this process.

Telehealth is a great option for:

  1. Patients who live a distance from our consulting clinics
  2. Urgent appointments
  3. Follow up visits

Telehealth consultations may involve family members in different locations. For example, you may wish to have your appointment from home and a family member join the consultation from their home or work. We can set up a three-way video-conference to allow one other support person to attend the appointment.

We perform telehealth consultations in three ways:
  1. Dedicated telehealth clinic – 8 Kay Street, Traralgon
    Our staff are present to support you and set up the video-conference
  2. Video-conference from your home or office
    We set this up on Zoom. Facetime or some other platforms can also be supported
    You may join the video-conference from your computer, tablet or smartphone
  3. Video-conference with your GP
    You may consult with us via video-conference in the company of your GP
    Perfect to facilitate coordinated care with your specialist and GP

Get in touch to find out more.