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Our next online event for doctors

9 Ways to get better quality sleep

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Free Education Events for Doctors in Lung and Sleep Medicine

Our lung and sleep specialists provide education to General Practices in different formats including:

In-person talks and presentations

Online webinars

Lunch meetings

Q&A sessions

Case study discussions

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Please contact us to arrange for one of our physicians or physiotherapists to tailor an educational event for your clinic.

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My name is Barton and I am a specialist in Lung Disease and Sleep Disorders.

I am inspired to help as many people as possible maximize their quality of life through achieving healthy lungs and sound sleep. At school and university, I always had a desire to help other people. Breathing and good quality sleep can sometimes be taken for granted but when there is a problem it causes significant distress. I now feel so grateful to be able to help people who may have disease affecting their lungs, breathing and sleep.

Dr Barton Jennings


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